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Help to understand the Android App Market.


I need some help to understand how the Android app market works.

I don't have an Android device but I have a blog where I write on different OS, iOS, Android, Windows and Symbian.

I talk about photography and videography only. And I'm interested in only those apps.

I need to understand few things if you can help me, please. So I can offer a better service to my readers.

1) Is there the in-app purchase on the most of the Android apps? When I see the apps on google play, I never see anything about other costs. How can I check if is there an in-app purchase for an app on the web only?

2) How do the redeem codes or promo codes work? Can I ask to a developer a promo code to give to my readers to test the app? What should I ask exactly?

3) Is there a Web App where I can check every day the apps that go free, on photography only?

Thank you very much, I hope you can help me to well understand this market.
Hi David,

In-app billing work mostly for US-only if I recall correctly. To tell if an app uses in-app billing you can look at the permissions. If there is a permission with the word BILLING in it, then that app has in-app billing.

Redeem/promo codes would have to be worked out on a case by case basis with each developer or publisher you want to work with.

As for Market tracking app, AppBrain.com is a good website for that. I'm not sure it would let you see only photography apps, but you could search for them easily enough.
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Thank you for your answers. I've just bookmarked AppBrain.com for now and I'll check it better this weekend. And I'll start to check the permissions for eventually some in-app purchase.

How the promo codes work in any case? It can be a silly question but I prefer to ask to be sure. Do you insert a key directly from the telephone or do you do it from the desktop and sync on the telephone later?
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ok, I understand that, thank you. It's easier if they pay the cost with paypal then! :O

Last question if you don't mind. Is google play the only market for the apps? Reading around, sometimes I ended up to Androidzoom or even another one that I don't remember, if I'm not wrong. But I haven't checked if all the apps are inside google play.
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