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Help whit I9000


May 15, 2011
when i trun on gsm only showING all time GALAXY S gt-i9000

I CAN GO DOWNLOADS MODE /system recovery

but i got error at system recovery
E:failed to mount /data (Files exists)...
E:copy_dbsara-media.Cant mount/SDCARD
your storage not repared yet.please use UI menu fo format and rebote action.
cant default media contant failed....

if i wile data/factory sdcard
i tryed instal new firmware
XWJW7/XWJW1/ITVJW2/Sbl (CSC: ITV): Download (154 MB) (Build date: Thu May 17 10:20:46 KST 2012) +pit 512

but still same problem anyone know how can fix?
If you can get into Download mode then you are safe.
Run odin one click on your computer, (make sure it's the one for your phone) then make sure you are in download mode and insert the usb cable from your computer to the phone (you should have the phone usb drivers installed on the computer already) comm port will light up in yellow.. And you are ready to flash.
Before you do, if you are not familiar with odin read up on it.
If that doesn't work, Pm me
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