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Jan 10, 2016
We are looking for a an Application which has following Features. We are fine with an Android Application, however will prefer if you can make it platform independent, so the same can be run on I Phone, Windows Phone, Desktop also:

1. User Creation for different categories of users
2. Each user type may have Sub-user type also.
3. Each user type will have different forms for registration.
4. Data collected using App will create and/or update a master data in our server.
5. Data collected from each user type will have different fields (will be provided),
5. Each user type (not all) will have access to part/ full data (which will be allowed to them).
6. The data could be fetched in the pre-designed format by different user groups.
7. Data update will have a trigger mechanism, i.e it will send messages to select users.
8. The App will allow generation of reports as required using select fields of master data.
9. The App should issue a Certificate with Bar/ QR Code at one user group.
10. There needs to be option to integrate Payment gateway in the application for certain user group.

Have questions? Kindly message us.

In your response kindly provide following information:

- Details of your company
- Your experience in creation of complex Applications with large database.
- Examples if any of previous work which can be verified.
- Point wise response on all 10 points mentioned by us providing your understanding of the same to ensure that you have understood our requirement.
- Pricing of complete project based on your best time estimates.
- Your openness for entering into a long term partnership where your company will need to provide complete Technology support and your terms for the same.


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