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Help with mxq pro 4k box


Jan 31, 2013
Hi, I have an annoying issue with the above TV box. I am trying to sort input for a mate who managed to get stuck in a restricted profile.. I have done a hard reset on the box by pressing the hidden button in the spdif hole and it has booted back up OK and restored it. The Booking thing is kodi is no longer showing. I've gone into the play store and it's giving menthol option to open kodi or uninstall it. If I open it works. I've tried uninstalling kodi through play store and RE-installing both from play store and by downloading the apk and using apk installer and neither restores the kodi shortcut. It doesn't even show as an app when looking in the settings.. it's really doing my head in so hope someone can tell me how to get it back to normal.
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