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HELP with Pandora!


Oct 29, 2010
I got me HTC Hero last week and ever since I installed the app it has never worked. I have uninstalled & reinstalled several times. Also, the cache is clear, and it is not being effected by my task manager so I know that isn't the problem.

It keeps giving me this error message:
Unexpected HTTP error occurred code: 501 while StartupAsyncTask

Can ANYONE help me with this? I love pandora and I miss it so! lol
I hope you find an answer. I'm having a different problem. I use Pandora in my car and play music through the auxiliary jack. When I first started using it, it was fine. Now it starts playing, but when the phone's screen turns off after thirty seconds, the song only plays for another 10 seconds, then the program closes. It doesn't just stop the song; the program closes instantly. If anyone has an idea what to do to fix it, please share.
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