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Help Help with SG3 thoughts

So I'm up for a new phone and this one has my eye along with the Droid RAZR HD. I currently have the GNex, and I will pass it on to my gf. With that said my gnex has less than OK battery life even with the extended one and the reception on the device is meh ... So my plan with the SG3 is to get one of these extended larger batteries 3500+man... My only concern is the radios and over all performance in terms of reception.
The GNex was OK until I went into my work building, where my previous HTC and Moto devices worked no problem. The GNex was often inop sucking major battery looking for service and data was a no go.
OK with all that said this phone will cost me my unlimited data. And I do not wanna "upgrade" to a phone with similar issues.
So my question to you phone owners. Is the sG3 worth the upgrade, are the radios better ? And over all is it worth it to upgrade ?
I had the nexus for 2 weeks but the reception in the office wasnt good compared to my old iphone. I returned it and picked up the gs3. Someone else in my office has a razr maxx and picks up 4g while inside and I have to walk out to get that on verizon. So I think samsung hasnt completly fixed their reception quality but still better than the nexus. Yoy get 2 weeks to try it out. 30 bucks restocking is better than having a useless phone.
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I see these questions a lot. To me its more of a matter of the service you get in the area more then the radio of the phone. A new phone with "better" radios would increase service I guess. But I don't think there is a magical phone out there that turns 1 bar of service into 4 bars.

The only advice I can give you is that your Gnex was known for terrible service. So you might seen better performance on a S3.
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Well all my previous Moto devices never had an issue with reception nor did my Blackberry from a long time ago... My Incredible suffered a little bit, but I must say my DX was probably the best phone i've ever owned. The GNex was my first Samsung, so I was quite a bit disappointed with the reception only. The phone is phenomenal aside from that. I think I'll get the SG3 an keep my fingers crossed it out preforms my GNex.
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