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Help with tasker


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Aug 22, 2012
I'm fairly new to tasker, but I still know my way around.
I was watching some auto voice tutorials, and was able to make "hello" pop up on the screen when I said hello.

Here is what I am trying to do.
How do I make the phone wake up or go to sleep when I tell it to?
I tried to figure it out but I couldn't get it to work.
Bear in mind that your post had not even been up 24 hours... this is a volunteer website, where members help each other, not a helpdesk :)

I'm not a Tasker guru, so am pretty sure I can't give you the answer. I am not sure that Tasker can do this on it's own... you would need a Tasker plugin - something like Auto-Voice, which would then be used to trigger Tasker actions.

One thing worth noting, I don't think you can have it turn your phone on. If the phone is asleep (screen off) or (perhaps) even just locked, I am unsure whether you would be able to tell your phone to do something (as in, whether Auto-Voice would pick a command up)
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I didn't know what "wake up" and "go to sleep" meant. It almost seemed like it was an attempt to duplicate Droid Maxx or Moro X behavior. In those cases ...

The phone is powered on and one of the hardware cores is dedicated to listening to the sound of the owner's voice. Waiting for a kick-off phrase.

So ... "go to sleep" is controlled by the traditional Android control and "wake up" is controlled by speaking the kick-off phrase with the phone always powered on.

The traditional kick-off phrase is "OK Google Now" and I found on my Droid Maxx that I could use "OK Droid".

... Thom
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