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Help with the 'Not registered on Network' problem


Jul 19, 2013
Hi all,

I'm getting the old 'not registered on any network' fault. I've tried to have a read up but have had no luck.

It's for a Samsung Galaxy S2 running 4.1.2

I have tried:
1. Soft Reset (off and on)
2. Hard Reset (factory restore)
3. trying to select network (however tesco mobil isn't a choice, but choosing automatically says I have registered on network, but then won't allow me to call)

I cannot phone or text however I can use mobile data.

All help appreciated
Having mobile data but not calls is odd - it's usually the other way round. And how can you have data if you can't register?

Are you certain it's not an account, SIM or network problem? I'd try the SIM in a different phone, and if it still doesn't work that means it's time to contact your provider. If it does, I guess we have to figure it out...
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Hi guys,

Thanks for trying to help.

I know it is strange to have data but not calls!

I have now also tried:

4. SIM in an old nokia (with snake!!!) and calls and texts work fine
5. Spoken to my service provider and they have not been able to help

My current course of action (remember I am not technical!!) is to root my phone and then try a different ROM.

Unless you can think of a better way?

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Phone could be IMEI blacklisted. Did you buy it second hand? If it was second hand probably worth looking at CheckMend, see if it's blocked and maybe reported stolen or lost.

Seems odd though that data works but calls don't. Worth trying another SIM(from a different account) in the phone see if that works, and if that doesn't work, almost certain it's blacklisted. I think mobile data is handled separately to calls and SMS, which could be why it's not doing calls or SMS, but data is working. It's this "not registered on any network" that makes me suspicious about it.
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