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help with YAWA - Wifi Automate when near cell tower and AP


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Apr 17, 2011
gatineau canada
Trying to figure out something with YAWA - Wifi Automate when near cell tower and AP - Tasker Wiki

I have downloaded and imported the profiles.
Besides scanning for the cell towers (at home) is there anything else I have to do? are the profiles enough (it looks like it cause the tasks seem to be incorporated in) or I need to add tasks in the "tasks" tab?
Am I supposed to enter my wifi ssid and mac somewhere?

By what I can understand is all I need to do is scan for cell towers and turn on profiles. Is that correct?

Please someone help
To be honest, activating wifi based on proximity to cell towers isn't likely to truly provide much of a difference in battery life (which I assume is the goal). The wifi radio uses very little power when it's in standby - and significantly less power than the cellular radio when it's connected. And, as I'm sure you've noticed by now, detecting and registering nearby cell towers can be kind of flaky.

If you're determined to use Tasker to automatically toggle Wifi based on your location, I'd suggest just using the Location context. Restrict it to network-based location only (no GPS) and set the radius to a largish value (I'd suggest 400m or more) to give a bit of leeway.
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Thank you very much. It seems to be working fine right now. Isn't the cell network the same as using the location like your mentioning? I'm just learning for now but planning on using it for other stuff as well.

They are very similar tests I imagine, but I think there's more wiggle room with defining a location-based area rather than just checking for the presence of a certain cell tower.
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