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Hi and Help! Desperately need help with downloading apps


Feb 4, 2011
Hi ! I am a PC:eek: and have now purchased Blackberry Storm #4:mad:. I am not familiar with Android at all and recently purchased a Velocity Cruz Android Tablet:D.I wanted the Droid X from Verizon but it would't sync with outlook. I finally gave up my search for a small touch pad for windows and bought this Android Tablet. So far I like it very much. It won't sync with anything I own but that's ok. The price seemed to be within my budget. I have been a crackberry addict for almost 8 years now and though the storms have given me mega grief, I still love my blackberry. I am middleaged lady, not a newbie to computers but not as knowledgeable as most of you kids.. I need help getting a to do list on my android as I don't know how to download them through the wifi. If someone could help me by showing me how to download these apps to my tablet I would be most appreciative. :D
Teresa (aka Spark!)
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Actually the Droid X will sync with outlook. To do so, however, necessitates the need for third party software. Very few smartphones anymore will sync directly (USB) with computer email clients as most are now syncing with the "cloud".

Last I heard the Velocity Cruz tablet does not come with access to the Android Market. They, instead, provide access to something called the Cruz Market. If you want access to the Android Market you'll likely need to root the tablet and install/configure the Android market onto the tablet. You can also side-load apps to the tablet. To enable this you need to tell the tablet to allow installs from unknown sources.

For more info on these sorts of things check out our "Other Tablets" forum in Android Tablets & Mids...

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