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Hi ,Help


Feb 5, 2011
Hi well like I say I am new to this so all I can do is ask when I have a question...I have a pandigital that runs this open platform thing..and it is supposed to be an android 2.0 so I dont know what steps you have to take to get apps or if there is a cedrtain place to go I do have the appstore and I can get some apps there but I think Im missing out on some stuff by not knowing the right steps to take....why is it that I cant seem to get alot of apps even when they say they are android apps? it always comes up wioth an error message liek your item is not formatted for this product or sometihng liek that or there is another one that comes up too..but I mean where do I go to learn about the right way to do stuff and exactly what I can and cannot expect to get from this pan novel as opposed to an android phone? thanks very much for all ofyour help I appreciate it alot....Kevin


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