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Hi I am new to this!


Feb 6, 2011

I am new to forums and new to smartphones and need some advice about my Samsung Galaxy s.

Basically I am being charged for data and I cannot see how I am using it - I am not sure if I am using the phone incorrectly or if my provider (orange) has messed up my bills or if some computer/app/software/system thing I don't understand has taken over!

I cannot seem to find a thread on this and have replied to a thread about data in case that is the right place but I am a bit lost in all things it seems!

Help/advice/guidance appreciated!
Welcome to the Android Forums!

First suggestion... check your home screens (you have more than one) for any unused widgets. These widgets, while unused, are always running even if they're not displayed on your screen. They can use lots of data if left to their own devices. For example, if you have a weather app on one of your home screens or a news app, these tend to frequently poll for updated info.

Next suggestion... if you have email set up on your phone reduce the frequency that it polls for new mail. The more often it checks the more often data is sent/received across the data network.
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