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Hi I'm James. James_Bond

Oooh the Short Short Version Worked! Lets see if i can Post my Original now.

I saw the BIG “don’t be shy…” banner; I assume that all new users see and thought I would introduce myself.

First a little about myself.

I Fix Smartphones for a living, a very modest living, ha ha. I am an Android Specialist but also help with Blackberry and Windows Smartphones when needed. I work for one of the BIG wireless providers and figured I could save people the phone call when they want to try and fix their phones themselves. So I lurk on Forums and Blogs of Helpful websites and assist users.

I also have my own Website for this task as well which you can find (if you’re interested) in my “Profile” page on my “Contact Info” tab. Hop on over if you ever want to learn some cool things you might not have known about your Smartphone. I got a pretty cool post on the site about Smartphone Star Codes which you can enter into your dial pad and run all kinds of tests and diagnostics. But I Digress.

In any case, I’m glad to be a member on the android forums and I hope to help solve lots of issues on the site and look forward to future interactions.


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Hi there James. :hello: Thanks for taking the time to introduce yourself.

It sounds like you'll be a great addition and asset to the AF community. I'm sure you'll run across plenty of folks here that could use your assistance.

If there's any way we can help you, please feel free to ask me or any of the staff here.

I hope you'll find yourself at right at home here. Happy posting! :)

- eyebeam
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Ahh... Mr Bond... we've been expecting you! ;)


Sorry that you got the error messages - thanks for persisting with your post!! :)

You do sound like a real addition to the forums... I hope you find this place useful... feel free to hit a Mod/Guide up if you need any help navigating the forums :D
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