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Hi Need a lili help over here

Hi Gals n' Guys

I am new very new this is my first "smart phone" and I fear I am suffering for a terminal case of "EOS" Equipment Superior to Operator. I am unable to attach my bellsouth.net email account. I have looked at the one thread i have found and none of this info helps me. Does anyone out there have any info that will keep me from diving from a high perch into a shallow puddle of woe :thinking:
Marcus, which phone do you have? Which version of Android, 1.5, 1.6 or 2.0?

You can use the "mail" application. You will need to know your isp email info: POP server, SMTP server, security type (if any) and server port. This info should be available from your ISP's web site, or cal customer service.

In the Mail app, you can set up a new account and input all this info.

I have a Magic (AKA MyTouch), but apparently on some of the newer phones you can put in your email address and password, and Mail will get the other info for you (or so I've read).
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