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HiCarPlate - Messages to Car Plates


Jun 29, 2013

I present you a new application that let you comunicate with people through Car Plates:

Google Play Store: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.emhd.hicarplate

- A car that left the lights on? Or the window open? You can now notify the owner by sending a message directly to his mobile phone through his car registration plate.

- Trying to get out and some other car is blocking you? You no longer need to use the horn and bother the whole neighborhood, you will be able to send a message directly to the owner to warm him that you need to leave, and also recieve it's answer.

- In case of an accident you will no longer need to leave a note with your contact details, you can directly contact the owner to inform you of your data.

- Have you just seen that guy/girl in his/her car and would like to contact him/her? Now with HiCarPlate, you will only need their car registration plate!


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