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HK1 Box and nordvpn


Oct 13, 2021
Hi all, I want to get a device capable of some good retrogaming emulation up to PSX but also Nordvpn compatible for reasons.

The only thing I could find on a budget is the HK1 Box but I have no clue about the nordvpn compatibility. Do you have any clue or any equivalent that can satisfy both?

PSX emulation. Don't you need a CD drive for that, and is there a PSX emulator for Android? I've connected a USB CD/DVD drive to my T95 Android box, and was able to mount it. I did Playstation emulatiom like 20 years ago, using Bleem on a PC. As for other retrogaming, things like MAME for Android runs no problems, and of course you have to have the appropriate ROMs.

As NordVPN is just an app, that should be able to install and run on the HK1 box no problems, either installed from Google Play or sideloading the NordVPN APK. I use both Astrill and Express VPN on various Android devices, and they're just like Nord
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Thanks for your reply, but I need first hand experiences from people who actually did this. And the emulation part is all covered so I would need some heads up on nordvpn specificly

Well NordVPN is only an app, that you install just like any other Android app, e.g. your emulation apps. And once you've got NordVPN installed, you open it enter your NordVPN account details(username and password), or your access code, and tap connect. I use Express and Astrill msyelf, and those operate just the same as Nord.
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