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Help Honor P9 Pro crashed on software update


May 18, 2019
Hello everyone,

A month ago or so, my phone, a Honor P8 Pro (not P9), crashed during a software update. It seemed it could restore itself by downloading the software from a wifi network. I tried doing so, it found the package, downloaded and presumedly installed it, but after rebooting it simply showed "Fatal error" and prompted me to do a hard reset/reset to factory settings, wiping all data in the process. I must have tried this some ten times over a week with always the same prompt.

Wiping data is not really an acceptable solution for me, but I had no time to take further care of it at that time, so I just stopped using the phone. I tried again this solution, this time it does not even find the package. I read that there might be a solution using fastboot. So I dowloaded Android Studio and HiSuite. It seems that HiSuite is the software to use for Huawei devices, but it asks me to enable HDB from the phone, which I obviously cannot do, thus refuses to connect. I am not sure what to do next, nor how to use Android Studio to access my phone, I would like some advice of yours on that matter.

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