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How can a web site know my number?

Hi I just downloaded dolphin & surfing. Then I click on a porn site link. (xxxxxxxx if I remember correctly).
Then I receive 2 text! relating to porn stuff!
How could it know my phone number & send text to me!!!!? :mad::mad::mad:
Is it the browser or what?
Is it normal? Am I being infected with malware/**wares? :thinking:

Sorry for my bad english
Ok thanks all of you.
I think I found out.
I went to site again and read terms.
It said just clicking preview will send sms (with $ charge). I've un-subscribed...
should be my carrier. I suspect. :thinking:

there are possible security flaws in Dolphin which is based on Webkit (mobile)
You mean it's not as secure as default browser?
Which browser offer good security and functionality (like dolphin)?
tab browsing, gesture, etc looks cool! (I can't use firefox on galaxy ace).
Any pointers would be helpful.
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