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How can I edit a url?

I have icons on my screen which open Chrome and go to a site. I'd like to change the url link.

In this particular case, I don't like m.slashdot.org and would like to change it to classic.slashdot.org.

How can I do this?

Thanks, George
I would go to the website bookmark it and add it to your home screen. Then delete the other one or you could download Bookmark Home which allows you to manage bookmarks.
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Open Chome's Menu, tap on Bookmarks, on the bookmarks' page look for this bookmark's icon in question and have a long press on it. On the pop up menu choose Edit and and edit the URL.

Now set this changed bookmark to home screen as new shortcut for this bookmark. For to create this use the pop up menu again.

BTW, you asked for edit the URL ... so I've written on the way :)
... but the way that brownchm has described may be easier: Go to the website, on Chrom's menu check "Destop view", bookmark the site and add it to your home screen. Then delete the old icon.

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