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How can I find latest facebook permissions and version on PC?


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Jan 9, 2012
I'm trying to research the ridiculous new permissions I saw mobile last night when I declined to install the latest version of the FB app, now they have stopped my old one from logging in. I have googled and searched for ages to no joy. Google play website is now a joke, no way of seeing permissions. (googling says click install to see the permissions. That's great. doesn't work if not logged in, if logged in, then don't get the install button OR an update button-WTF?) So I am floundering around trying to find two things: 1. Actual version number of the latest update of 10th December. 2. a list of all it's permissions. Even better for 2 would be an explanation of why for each one. One I noticed mobile last night was on about changing battery usage statistics, WTF??? I can't do this mobile during the day as no service.
This app has access to these permissions:
Your accounts
find accounts on the device
create accounts and set passwords
add or remove accounts
Your location
precise location (GPS and network-based)
approximate location (network-based)
Network communication
view network connections
receive data from Internet
full network access
download files without notification
view Wi-Fi connections
Phone calls
directly call phone numbers
read phone status and identity
modify or delete the contents of your USB storage
System tools
install shortcuts
read Home settings and shortcuts
test access to protected storage
send sticky broadcast
read battery statistics
Your applications information
run at startup
retrieve running apps
reorder running apps
take pictures and videos
Other Application UI
draw over other apps
record audio
Your social information
write call log
read your contacts
modify your contacts
read call log
Affects battery
prevent device from sleeping
control vibration
Status bar
expand/collapse status bar
Sync Settings
toggle sync on and off
read sync settings

Honestly, those permissions don't look necessarily extreme for a social app. I don't see anything on there that is unreasonable (again, considering the entire purpose of the Facebook application).

(By the way, I got this list by clicking the Install button from the Google Play web site.)

As for version information... that's trickier:
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thanks for that. I guess you don't have it installed on your device/account? Anyway.. the wording you have is described slightly differently to what was presented to me on my phone. Mine was much more like this excerp I have tracked down on the internet, regarding the permissions it asks for: - Call Phone numbers without permission or notification - Record audio without notification or permission - Record video without notification or permission - Delete phone contacts without notification or permission - Modify battery statistics.
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I haven't had it installed in quite a while (since about two weeks after G+ launched, in fact), but the Play Store still said that it was installed. *shrug*

* Call phone numbers - for directly calling contacts and businesses from the app
* Record audio - voice search of some nature? I'm not sure.
* Record video - for directly posting videos
* Delete contacts - for managing contacts via the FB app
* Modify battery statistics - not sure on this one, but I'm guessing it's close to the "affects battery" permissions described above.
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