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Help How can I have a -1 email???


Dec 29, 2012
My email icon on my S3 is showing I have -1 email...I have 3 accounts set up..a cox.net...gmail..and yahoo....the cox.net is my primary email.

the primary is the one thats showing as a negative one email.....how can this be possible???

All of my other folders are empty.
on one of the forums I used to be on, the software was buggy like that, so if I ignored a message and then checked it a couple of days later, I'd get a -1 indicator.

I think my hitting the "ignore" button moved the inbox count to zero, and then when I opened it, it went to -1. The only way to clear it was to wait until someone sent another PM, which brought the count up to zero...

Not sure if that helps, but the email system might not like Google's swipe to ignore and counts that as opening it, or I could be totally wrong...
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What happens when you receive more emails? Does it count down like -2, -3 etc?
Could that number be a "dash" 1? instead of a "negative" 1?

It's not a "dash"..its a negative dash....when I get a new email it counts up to 1, 2 ,3 etc.....but once i delete all the emails it reverts back to negavtive 1.

Going on a week now and its still there. I did the battery removing process but it still shows negative.
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