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Help How Can I stop browser from refreshing between tabs?

Hello guys.
I'm new to this forum. I've been trying to find the right solution to this problem I'm having with my phone on Android Marshmallow. I always use the stock browser because I figured it would be better and save on battery (unlike Chrome), as long as I don't have too many tabs up. I noticed I open up a tab in my browser then another one and I go back to the 1st tab I've opened and it refreshes. If I want to listen to audio on 1st tab, Then switch to the 2nd tab, the audio would stop and the 2nd tab page refreshes. I have even checked settings. How do I stop this without having to lose my audio? I want to be able to hear an audio in 1 tab page while reading in another. In Chrome, I noticed it doesn't do that.


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