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Apps How do Apps auto-refresh data?

Es Dee

Feb 7, 2016
I am a complete novice in the mobile application domain, so excuse the ignorance.

My question is, how does an application like betfair constantly update market prices? Or an application like Soccerway update football scores every 5 seconds?

Does my mobile (via app) make a service call every 5 seconds and retrieve data? Even when the application is inactive? Or do these apps push data to subscribers?

Trying to get my head around the architecture involved in data refresh.

A push model is very unlikely, due to the stateless nature of web applications. Usually the client (app) makes service calls (possibly a REST API) on the server, requesting fresh data at regular intervals.

Sorry to butt in, can you give us some links and samples of getting the data onto the client app?

Should I load the data onto SQLite ? That said, I might not need the persistence as I intend to update the data every 300 seconds ?

Does anyone know whether Google will let developers use their database engine on one of their servers for testing apps ? I need to store the test data on the server and the client app will pull the data from the Google server every 5 minutes.
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