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how do I change a password on K9 mail?


Aug 31, 2010
I am required to reset the password on my email account at regular periods-can I just update it in K9 as well, or do I have to recreate the account every time? I did it on the stock email app, but could not find where to access the password again in K9.
Actually, there are a lot of steps to this very frustrating thing to do.
Here it is broken down into steps.

01. Open K9 Mail
02. Tap on any account.
03. Tap menu
04. Tap More
05. Settings
06. Account Settings
07. Fetching Mail
08. Incoming Server
09. Now, change your password
10. Tap Back Arrow
11. Tap Back Arrow
12. Sending Mail
13. Outgoing Server
14. Scroll Down
15. Now, Change your password.
16. Tap Home.
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1. After going to your inbox in the K9 mail app select the menu button and these options should appear. Select more.
2. Select Settings
3. Select account settings
4. Select Fetching mail..
5. Scroll to Incoming server and select Incoming server
6. Change password in the password field to the new password. Hit next.
7. Hit back button and select Sending mail.
8. Scroll down to Outgoing server, then select Outgoing server.
9. Change password in the password field to the new password. Hit next.
10. Hit back button a few times until you find yourself back in the inbox. All done!

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The method mentioned earlier didn't work for me using Icecream Sandwich on Samsung S3 using K-9 4.011.
What I did that DID work:
. Go to Account list in K-9
. Long tap on the Gmail (in this case) account
. A menu pops up, which includes "Account settings"
. Under there, the sections "Fetching mail" and "Sending mail" have places
for setting the password.
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That's one way to perceive the issue. I don't find changing account passwords hard to do, but then again I don't think something like changing a password should be as easy as just pushing a button and have it done automatically. Until some other, better authentication solution becomes the new standard, passwords are still a necessary aspect to account protection. There's always a battle between security and convenience so if all you want is simple convenience, doing anything online isn't advisable.
Also, note this thread is from 2010 so factor that in.
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