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How do I configure an Android go tablet?

Roger Blair

Aug 22, 2021
Ladies and/or Gentlemen:

I have a QLink (ZTE) Specter 8 tablet that runs Android Go. The tablet is causing me some trouble, and I can’t seem to find any information on how to resolve these problems. This is a replacement tablet; the one it replaced had the same problems, and the technicians at ZTE were of no help. Since this tablet has the same problems as the one it replaced, I’m assuming the problems are OS-related, so I’m coming to the source for help.

First, I’m having trouble setting the time zone. When I go into “Settings” to change the time zone from Pacific Time to Eastern Time, the tablet seems to let me make the change; however, when I go back from making the change, the tablet is still running on Pacific Time (in spite of my efforts). How do I change the time zone and make the change stick?

Second, when I try to change the home screen and put my most-used apps there, the tablet lets me make the changes but doesn’t save them; the next time I power the tablet up, the home screen has returned to the initial default, and all my apps are gone. How do I make the tablet remember my changes?

Finally, I want to put a time-and-weather widget on my home screen. When I long-press on the screen, the pop-up mentions “Home settings” and “Wallpapers,” but not widgets. How do I access the widgets?

Since Android Go is a stripped-down edition of Android, it may well be that one or more of these issues may be beyond its ability to provide (though I sincerely hope not); if that’s the case, I’ll just have to live with the limitations. I also understand that Android Go is configured by the manufacturer, so ZTE may be responsible for the alterations. As I mentioned before, the ZTE technician was of no help, and could only replace the tablet, which didn’t solve my problems.

As I also mentioned before, I could find no documentation for Android Go, so if you could direct me to some, I would deeply appreciate it.

Thank you very much for your attention.


Roger Blair
Android Go is a stripped down, but very efficient OS.

It allows the user to do more with considerably less.

First, let it be known that the utility apps that come with most any device are only there to be used until the user finds something better.

Every utility app is pretty much junk, unfortunately, and even worse- the ones with internet access can even be security hazards.

Things like a calculator that have internet capability, or that want access to your contacts, for instance.

Personally, I like cheap devices.
But I do more with my junk than most people do with $1000 devices.

You could start trouble shooting by changing your launcher.
There are tons around, with all sorts of different features.

A favorite around here is Nova.
Personally, I use KISS.

Next, I would check out the apps that Simple Mobile Tools has to offer for utility apps.
They are what I use on all of my devices.

Do not fall for junk apps like anti-virus or any security style apps- they will only bog the device down and they really won't do anything else.

Ditto for the cleaners, boosters, and other junk like that.

There is one cleaner app that does what it says and tells the truth about it- LTE Cleaner.
It also has a place on each of my devices.

A must have is a good, fast browser.
Lightning is excellent.

As far as a weather widget, I really cannot help with that because I don't use weather apps.
They basically are a security nightmare.

Instead, I use a website called emergencyemail.org, and after I get onto the weather page for my area I bookmark that into my browser.

In fact, I now have a browser where I made that the homepage- so that browser is now a defacto weather app.
No widget, but I can put the icon on the home display, tap it, and have weather info in seconds.

Notice how I am not including any Google apps?
There are reasons for that.
I actually have deGoogled my latest device.
Let me know if anything like that is appealing.

Be sure to not put any apps onto the SD card.
This can bring a myriad of problems.
Only put apps in the internal memory.

So here are a few links for you to look at, for the apps that I mentioned.
Tell us if any helped, what you liked, what you didn't, and why.



(This is the webpage describing the Simple Mobile Tools collection of apps. Although you can download these from multiple sources, it is adviseable to do so from F-Droid.)


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