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How do I disable emergency calls in emergency mode


Nov 20, 2022

My child has been making prank calls to emergency services. I have been advised to install screentime on Android to stop this happening.

Canyon is installed as the lock screen
Screentime configured

However, emergency mode allows all of this to be overrode when you press the button to turn the phone off and go into emergency mode - it reverts to the default lock screen.

I have turned the standard lock screen off all together.

This is going to be a problem. Emergency phone calls are an integral feature to all smartphones so disabling it will be difficult.

It's not managed by the Lock screen, nor is it a function that you can tweak elsewhere in the Settings menu. Nor a parental control app. The thing is, even if you remove the SIM card, Emergency phone calling is still functional, it's a part of the phone's firmware. Inside your phone, soldered to the main logic board, is a cellular radio chip. That's what your phone uses to link itself to a carrier's cellular network. Your SIM card only stores your account info with your chosen carrier, it authenticates you to use their particular cellular network to get online access. So even without a SIM card, Emergency phone calling still works because again, it's that cellular radio chip that does the actual connection,

There's also a hypothetical issue to consider. even if you were able to easily just block Emergency phone calling on their phone, if something were to occur and your child can no longer use their phone in an emergency situation, that's a potentially bad trade-off.
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