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How do I make call s with Olympus V and Tmob Hotspot


Mar 23, 2011
I recently bought a Tmobile 4G Mobile Hotspot. The TMobile dude said if I have an Android phone I can route all my calls via the Tmobile 4G Mobile Hotspot. This would be great as I can move down from my 40 USD a month Virgin Mobile plan and apply the 20 in savings toward my 30 USD a month plan mobile broadband plan with T-Mobile.

I have 3 questions.

1-How do I set this up on the LG Optimus V
2-How does my Olympus V know to route the phone calls to my T-Mobile Hotspot and let the T-Mobile network make the call
3-Why would T-Mobile allow this as wouldn't a lot of people buy the hotspot to direct there calls and save themselves a lot of money by buying a cheap rate plan with there carrier ?
There's a couple of problems with this post.

The Tmobile hotspot is designed to share data with other devices via wifi, it will not allow you to make calls via Tmobiles GSM network AFAIK (except voip like skype). If you connect your optimus to the tmobile hotspot, you'll likely get a little faster internet access, though not nearly what Tmobile suggests when inferring (incorrectly IMHO) that the hotspot is 4G.

The other issue is that you state that you have a Optimus V (verizon) and a Tmobile hotspot yet posted it in the Optimus S (Sprint) section. I'm moving this to the Tmobile section where I think the best chance of a answer lies.
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I may be wrong, but I THINK he may be referring to wifi calling on tmobile. If thats the case your completely wrong OP...you actually have to have some type of cell signal to use wifi calling. Also calls over wifi DO USE MINUTES, so switching to a plan with less minutes won't save money and would cost you more in overages.
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