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How do I recover chrome history when sync fails?

Phone model: Samsung Galaxy S5 Active (SAMSUNG-SM-G870A Build/MMB29M)
Chrome version:59.0.3071.125
Android version: 6.0.1

I wrote a post in the google product forums for chrome regarding how to export my android's chrome browser's format in a readable format with clickable links/time accessed, etc.

Unfortunately, the advice I was given was essentially, "try sync again." I had tried this several times which did not result in the phone's history getting synced to my account. Because the email I was using was an institutional email, I tried signing into a different email, which instead led to my browser history becoming inaccessible or deleted. I am not sure which. Usually when I just sign out of the google account in chrome, the browser history is restored.

So my question is this: How do I restore the history for the chrome browser? Do I need to root the device to access the history file and roll it back to a previous time? I was told that there is the possibility that this wasn't a complete delete since that isn't the case with SQL databases.

Any help would be appreciated ASAP.


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