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Help How do you send a Tiff file to a fax machine?


Feb 11, 2011
Hey everyone. I didn't see a post that answers this question. If there is one, my apologies. I have tried searching for answers on the net and am only starting to get confused.... so I am hoping you can help clear the confusion.

Issue: I need to send a fax. I don't have a regular house phone set up yet but was told that the mytouch 4g can send it for me.

I have a printer/fax/scanner connected to a laptop and am able to scan the document to a tiff file.

My problem is how do I get the cell phone to get the file from the computer and send it. I can see the phone when I connect it to the laptop, but when I try to see the computer from the phone... I get lost. When I tried to set up a network connection, it found my wireless router, but not the laptop. I tried copying the file from the computer side, but don't know where it goes on the phone. And even if I did see the file how do I get it to send to a fax machine?

I would use faxzero to send this fax except for two things.. 1). I have 4 pages to send and 2). I wouldn't know how to do this using the phone, lol.

Any ideas, or suggestions would be greatly greatly appreciated.
Okay, this is what I do. I have an account with faxpipe. With this I can send or receive faxes via my email. It cost me like $25 a year for my own fax number. The faxes come into my email address as pdf files I can do whatever I want with. Any fax I send comes from my fax number, via me sending an email.

Second part of this for me is Dropbox. I can take a file to or from my computer just by placing it in my dropbox. I can put files in my dropbox from either my computer or my phone. I can subsequently view them or use them, forward, email, etc..from either location.

I help this helps you!

If you want to try dropbox, which is free, by the way, please use this link from me as for every referral they increase the amount of starage space you get for free!



Good Luck!
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