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Help How does Galaxy mount on PC?


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Jun 16, 2010
I don't own a Galaxy, but produce an Android app that requires the user to copy a file to a specific directory on the SD card. But at least one user is/was having difficulty due to the device being mounted as an "MTP device", and then she says she only has a choice of "Media" or "Data" folders to drag the file into.

Is this correct? Is the MTP Data folder a single folder, or is it a view into the actual directory structure of the SD card? She says that my app is working, so somehow the file must have made it, but she's definitely not very technical and has not been able to explain what she is doing.

I also have quite a number of other Galaxy users and have not heard of any difficulties from them, so I don't know what to think.
Go to...
Wireless and Network
USB Settings
click on "Ask on Connection"

When you connect the USB cable to the phone, it will ask you how you want to use the connection...
Samsung Kies
Media Player
Mass Storage

Choose Mass Storage then click on Connect USB Storage.

This will enable you to connect the phone to the PC better.

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