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Root How I Installed my first ROM with Steps

I installed V3 of this Rom http://androidforums.com/rush-all-things-root/705619-rom-krom-vl3-4-1-2-a.html

Steps I took
1.Turn off device boot into CWM Recovery I used Rom tool box's Lite Rebooter widget.
other method is to shut phone off then simultaneously hold Volume Up+power button until it boots into recovery.

2. Make a nandroid back up (highly recommend doing this)
while in CWM go down to backup and restore and select where you want to back it up the internal SD Card is the phones own memory.
The External SD Card is the Chip that you buy or comes with android devices.

3. Back up to the location of you're choice (the Process of backing up may take sometime depending how much stuff you have on you're phone)
(this does NOT backup you're music,photos,videos)

I recommend backing up to external SD Card because then you can transfer your backups to you're computer

.....Now once the back up is complete Depending on where you backed it up to
Restore - If you just selected Backup select this option. (thats means you backed it up to the internal storage of you're device!)

Restore from External Storage - If you backed it up to the SD Card.

Now a lot of people like being organized and renaming there backups yesterday I found out that you CANNOT put spaces when you're renaming the folders.

it all has to be ONE word or else you will get this message.......

Checking MD5........
MD5 Mismatch!

like I said you CANNOT put any spaces when renaming the Backups all has to be one word.

4. The 3 Wipes -
Wipe data/factory reset
Wipe Cache Partition
Advanced ----> Wipe Dalvik Cache (optional but highly recommended to avoid conflicts with apps and ROM (on some ROMs you must do this)

5.Install ZIP from SD Card ---> Choose ZIP from SD Card (again If you saved it on to you're phones memory) (internal storage)
Install ZIP from SD Card ---> Choose ZIP from External SD Card (If you saved it on the small Chip (External SD Card)

Happy Romming I know this is a noob tutorial
it should not take more than 7 minutes for the installation of the actual rom. i pulled that number out of my ass but if it's longer than 7 minutes just for installation i might be worried.

the initial boot after installation will also take a few minutes...nothing to worry about if the whole process takes 12-15 minutes
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Just be patient on the first boot it can take anywhere from 10 to 15 minutes and it took me like 5 minutes of actual installing then I just left the phone sitting for 10 minutes to avoid any big slow downs on apps

Edit - Also another thing is that when I first used the ROM I noticed the apps were lagging alot to fix this I simply rebooted my device so its common on the very first boot up on a new ROM for that to happen just let it sit there then Reboot

I use Rom Tool Box's Lite Rebooter Widget for quickly getting into Recovery and also Rebooting :)
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