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How is the GPS on the Nexus S 4G?


May 18, 2011
I am looking into a new phone because I am due for an upgrade. So far, it looks like the Nexus S 4G is the one. Before I buy it, I have a couple questions.
I am looking for a phone with a reliable GPS. I will primarily be using it for walking around New York. I have read that tall buildings present a problem with satellite reception on many devices. Has anyone used this phone's GPS in a city while walking? How reliable and accurate is it? I would hate to buy the phone, then find out the internal GPS doesn't work in my area. An external GPS with Bluetooth is also an option, but I'd rather not spend the extra money. The GPS needs to be accurate so I can use it with the Google Maps and WalkyTalky apps.
Thanks for your responses in advance!
I've only had my Nexus S for a few days, but I LOVE the Navigation app. GPS seems to be spot on and it knows exactly where I'm going. I upgraded from a Blackberry Curve 8530, so another bonus is the huge screen size.

There is however, 2 things I don't like with the Navigation app.

1. The voice is BLEH. You know those Geico Commericals with the robot voices (YouTube - I'm not your daddy I'm your grandpa - GEICO Commercial) It sounds like that. It can be changed though. I haven't gotten around to changing it yet.
2. I need a dash or windshield mount. I could throw my blackberry on my center console and it'd stay put and visible, but the Nexus S 4G slides all over my car. I bought a mount on Amazon for like $22. It should be here either this week or early next week. Couldn't get here soon enough. :p

As far as the actual directions, GUI, accuracy, features, etc. I LOVE the GPS portion of this phone.
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