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nexus s 4g

  1. drewwalton1921

    Root [OFFICIAL][RECOVERY] Cannibal Open Touch v3.0 Alpha Builds (latest: Alpha 9)

    Cannibal Open Touch 3.0 Alpha 9 Disclaimer: While we try to test our work as much as possible, it is always a possibility that something could go wrong and screw up your phone. We are not responsible for any damage that is done to your device, either directly or indirectly, as a result of...
  2. K

    Help Cache/space issue

    Hello all. I finally got my first smartphone, a Samsung Nexus S 4G. I think it has Android 4.4. The issue I'm having is that I don't know how to clear the cache or storage. I get errors when trying to install apps on the Play store. I tried 2 cleaner apps. Didn't free up much space. I'm...
  3. I

    Help Power button does not work/calls dont work unless on speaker

    My phone has recently started giving me problems. About a week ago the power button stopped working, but the volume control buttons will turn on the screen. It automatically boots up when the battery is in if I take it out. When I try to boot into fastboot or anything, the volume control doesnt...
  4. E

    Help Nexus S 4G Unsolvable Issue. Help needed

    Okay so I have added a Nexus S 4G to my collection from a friend who recently bought a Galaxy S4. Now he had told me that It wouldn't go past the Google boot logo. so I suspected it was Soft-bricked. Now from past experiences I tried the Nexus Toolkit from WugFresh. when that didnt work i...
  5. B

    Help Cellular Data Switch is Gone!

    As of this morning, the option to toggle mobile data on/off is missing. The data usage chart no longer differentiates between cellular and wifi data usage, and the options to set a warning and a limit for data usage have disappeared. I need these controls! Help?
  6. M

    Root HELP! Need to remove cyanogenmod 7 root.

    I purchased a google nexus 4, off of a close friend, and they have the phone running with Cyanogenmod 7. We attempted to remove the mod before the phone was activated, but we were unsuccessful. We did it by holding down the volume button, and lock button while phone was off, but the mod is still...
  7. W

    Help Help please bricked Nexus S 4G Sprint!!!

    My friend tried to root my phone and he failed. When i boot normally it just says Google and under it there is a unlocked padlock, and its just froze there. I tried to flash recovery but it wont detect any sd card. i do have clockwork recovery but i cant put any files on sd to recover! Please i...
  8. S

    Help No OS please help.

    Earlier I made a backup of my phone and everything using TWRP and I thought that I did everything right but I hadn't so when I made the mistake of wiping everything due to not paying attention I had no OS but when I tried to restore it failed and any attempt of flashing a rom onto it failed...
  9. D

    Help Wont turn on!! Please help!!

    Hello! Lets start of at what happened. One day I was reinserting the battery. I had my hands full with other stuff and while I was powering it on, I was acedently holding the volume rocker down or up I don't remember. But instead of the phone powering on it went to recovery mode. Then the...
  10. L

    Root Help bricked Nexus S 4G

    Hi I did something stupid, I did a factory data reset and usb storage erase on my Samsung Nexus S 4G. I lost all my recovery and zip files. I can access bootloader and twrp but have no way to flash a new zip. When i plug my phone into my pc nothing happens. This has happened to my HTC Evo 3D but...
  11. H

    Help Please help! Phone wont turn on!!!

    Okay, I was playing a game and my phone froze up and it wouldnt turn off, so I pulled the battery. After that, It wont even turn on. No vibration, no google logo, no nothing. I've tried holding different buttons with power, but it still does nothing. Its almost as if the power button doesnt work...
  12. S

    Help Incoming calls not ringing

    So, I'm new here so forgive me if I missed something else that answers this. My nexus s 4g just recently was resurrected to be used with Ting. So far so good. Today in an attempt to be cheaper(yes I know I should've left well enough alone), I installed sipdroid, got it to set up the google voice...
  13. S

    Help Internal/USB storage

    Hello all, I am using a Nexus S 4g on Sprint and my internal storage is all full and i still have 13GB left in the USB internal storage. However i do not know how to access this storage. I have my phone plugged into my pc but i do not see any folder for the USB storage and i have searched...
  14. J

    Root SuperUser fails to gain root access

    Hi, I have a Nexus S 4G running stock 4.1.1, and a Mac running 10.8.3. I've tried following rooting instructions from various websites (including the instructions stickied here), and everyone everywhere glosses over the details and never addresses the various things that could go wrong. I...
  15. J

    Help wifi connection problems

    My phone won't automatically connect to saved wireless networks. It worked fine when I got the phone but has been gradually getting worse. For it to connect I have to open a app the uses WiFi or shut WiFi off and turn it back on. I also can't view open wireless networks unless ithe "available...
  16. K

    Help Flashing my Nexus S 4G to stock ROM sans fastboot.exe

    Hello everyone, I bought a used Nexus S 4G about a week ago, just received it in the mail yesterday. The seller shipped it to me with CM10 preloaded, it works fine, except for one thing
  17. R

    Help Uconnect Radio trying to make a phone call on its ow

    My phone connects my cars radio when I initially power the radio up. One odd thing has been happing over the past couple days. It seems that as soon as the bluetooth makes a connection, the radio tries to make a call. The phone does not show a call in progress but the the radio does. When I...
  18. R

    Help Phone very slow

    Not sure what happened but I uninstalled Groove IP and now the new Play store is trying to update just about all of my apps. Some updated, some seem to have out of memory issues. NOw the phone is extremely slow and it is trying to download the rest of the apps. Did anyone all of a sudden get...
  19. L

    Help back to basics keeping music

    if i restore my phone to factory settings, will it downgrade to OS 3? i really dont enjoy 4 jellybean, it is slowing my phone, and i want it to be just the same way as i bought it. Im up for experimenting, but i really want to keep my downloaded music, and a sexy high score on one simple game...
  20. J

    Help HELP! My nexus s 4g is bricked!

    HELP!!! My sprint nexus s 4g wont turn on, and wont connect to the computer. it has an unlocked bootloader but is running stock android 4.1.1 it heats up when connected to the charger and i have tried to put it into fastboot and recovery mode but there is NO RESPONSE whatsoever when i press the...
  21. J

    Help Hardware: CDMA to GSM

    I was aimlessly wondering around the internet looking for a replacement camera for my i9020 and I noticed they have a sim card slot/board out there a well. My question is this being that this a CDMA phone and the radio is separate from the mainboard (reffer to link 2 at bottom to better...
  22. R

    Help Stuck in bootloader

    Please help! My Nexus S 4G recently got slight water damage, it wasn't fully submerged but definitely got wet. I've learned it's not a good idea to use the phone while in the bath... :o Also, I am not really an android pro, so I don't know how to tell if the phone shows water damage...
  23. ElmoRapz

    Root Nexus S 4G wont boot

    Hello there. I had just got done unlocking my bootloader and rooting my phone...after several failed attempts on trying to install a custom rom I went to install my stock rom...I got the stock rom to install but now the phone itself wont boot up. I have done a battery pull and left the battery...
  24. A

    Root i unrooted a nexus s 4g jelly bean phone but no super user

    I followed the steps with twrp and that stuff and the start up screen shows a unlocked padlock like unlocked phones do but WiFi for root users gets no super user and trying to update us binary in super user says no root access does anyone know what's up thanks
  25. P

    Help Transferring Pics?

    Could someone tell me how to transfer pics that I downloaded that was sent to me. When I use the USB storage transferring, i can only find the pics that I took on the phone - none of the pics that people sent me, but it does shows them in "Downloads" in gallery. Very frustrating, but i'm sure...