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Help Stuck in bootloader

Please help!

My Nexus S 4G recently got slight water damage, it wasn't fully submerged but definitely got wet. I've learned it's not a good idea to use the phone while in the bath... :eek:

Also, I am not really an android pro, so I don't know how to tell if the phone shows water damage... the battery didn't turn red, but I'm not sure if that's how it works with this phone.

I immediately took the battery out and dried it off, kept it in rice overnight, and then put it in front of a fan the next day to dry out. Now when I try to turn it on the bootloader screen comes up but my power and volume keys don't do anything. The power button will turn it on, but once on that screen the power button won't select anything or turn the phone back off. :(

Any ideas? All help would be much appreciated!!!!!


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