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Help How to delete file from download folder? - LG Tribute 2


Jan 27, 2016
1) I have two .mov files in my download folder. How can I delete one of them? I've tried what works for other phones — press on the file name until the delete option appears — but that doesn't work. What appears instead is an option to choose an app to open the file, which at first my phone would not do. After I installed RockPlayer2, now when I press on a .mov file, it just starts playing. I want to DELETE the .mov file, not play it.

No helpful information in the LG Tribute 2 user guide.

2) The other file in my download folder I would like to move to the photo gallery on my phone. Is there a way to do that?
You need to use your file manager.
Select the file and choose the delete option.

At first this didn't work as these particular files did not show up in File Manager > Video, where my mind intuitively went.

For those with this same issue—I finally found them via: File Manager > All Files > Internal Storage > Download. Then if I tapped they started playing, but if I pressed on the particular file for one full second it offered various options including Delete.

Still hoping someone has an idea how to move from Download to the Photo Gallery... or better yet, download directly there instead of automatically into Download.
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