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How to disable Smart Manger ( Android 6.0.1 )

hi every body i bought a Samsung note 4 ( black ) for my wife and it seemed to receive an update called smart manger
when i try to install an app from outside the Google store it pops up saying that is unsafe and may hurt my phone and even i choose to install it it pops up after 2 days and remove that app .
So my question is :
1 - How to disable this Smart Manger because i cannot install it from app manger in setting ?
2 - How to disable KNOX security and app optimizer for this phone ( included in Smart manger ) ?
3 - If i cannot disable this ... any way to make that Smart manger bypass my app without removing it or bothering me with security notifications ?
Please help me guys ...

Device : Samsung Note 4 ( SM 910 c ) black
Android : Marshmallow ( 6.0.1 )
Knox password : UNKNOWN
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Hi, go to "Settings", "Security" then look for "Unknown Sources" and put a tick in the box. Go to "Settings", "Application Manager" hit the three dots at the top right and select "Show system apps", scroll down to "Smart Manager" and select notifications not allowed. Phil
hi my friend :
if i do what you say the smart manger will be disabled ?
is their any way to Uninstall it ?
If i disabled the notifications ... this mean i disabled KNOX security and Antivirus so it cannot delete my installed apps ?
How can i make Smart Manger bypass an app so it cannot optimize that app or preventing it from work in the Background ?
thank you for your effort and please reply me as soon as you can
thank you again
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