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how to flash android?


Dec 25, 2012
hey..i was a Symbian user and now i shifted to android. i know how to update?flash Symbian firmware and i used to to it at least 3 a month,cuz i am a app freak!!!

now i shifted to android(samsung galaxy y,karbonn a7) and want to learn whole flashing process,of course the legal one. I mean i want to learn how to download and re-install the original firmware to device. Please kindly help me or give me the link. I searched on net,but most of the time i ended on custom roms.
Any help would be appreciated.
Hello veldar13 and welcome to Android Forums. I'm not finding any root information for your a7 at this time. You might check out the "all things root" area for your Galaxy Y... I believe root has been achieved for that phone. The flashing process for Android devices by achieving root permissions first. Once root access has been gained it's possible to to flash a different rom for that device. Here at AF each phone area has an "all things root" area. Being as root process differ from phone to phone you first need to make certain you are in the forum for your device. Then check out the root section for the information about obtaining root and the available roms possible for that particular phone. I hope this helps and give you a general idea of the process. Thanks for joining and I hope you enjoy these forums.
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