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How to force an app to run in background? ie a media player?

Hello everyone/anyone lol.

I use myPlayer to stream BBC iplayer content, and it works brilliantly, but if i lock the phone the app closes, or if i switch to another app it also closes. this is annoying as i want to stream radio in the background. on my old symbian phone i could do this easily.

The reason for this, as anyone with a HTC desire wil know, is the fmtuner is crap and on a large number of desires, doesnt work at all.

please help!

I really do not think there would be any way to force an application to run. Especially with multimedia the apps are designed in a way so they do not overlap or run excessively. I have been thinking that I want to do that with youtube app but I know it will not work. What I suggest you do is skip the locking thing by disabling it from the options and use your application freely. If you are using it in the car make sure the phone is plugged in the car charger otherwise battery could be a problem.
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