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How to know if my android phone is rooted or not?


Oct 24, 2010
I'm a newbie to the android phones ,I got the samsung vibrant for tmobile last month ,i downloaded an app from the market which is one click lag fix(RyanZA's) ..and accidentally tapped a button which says: root your phone it took few seconds and said that my phone is rooted.......Is that possible ?

Is there anything that i can do to know if my phone is really booted or not?

i looked at the history here in this foroum and found a similiar post i ,so i downloaded the titanium back as what was said in there and upon opening it an Error message comes up :
"sorry,I could not acquire root privileges .this application will*not*work!please verify that your ROM is rooted and includes busybox and try again "

does that mean my phone is not rooted?
should I still expect to recieve the update from tmobile in november?cause this is what i'm concerned about !
I would hit the root button, let it finish, then reboot, then go back in and see what is there. If you dont want the root then select unroot

i thought of that but upon reviewing the comments on the app ..people said that everything is ok with it except the unrooting which doesnt work right..
so i didnt want to risk that .as i dont want to root my phone .
and would rather wait for the software update in november
any other idea ?
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