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samsung vibrant

  1. A

    Root (Very Complex) Rooting Question

    Hello, I have been trying to root my Samsung Galaxy S SGH-T959V for the last two months, but I have failed in doing so. I used the Cyanogenmod 11 tool to do it, because it updates your phone firmware to 4.4.4 and has emoji support. But whenever I try to do so, I get the message: E...
  2. B

    Help Boot into Recovery which is not working, no download mode, no normal boot

    Hi guys, I was doing few things with my phone because I had some problems with rooting. Everything was looking like my phone was rooted but was not. The Superuser was not there and when I used "Rom Checker" I was getting a message that something is wrong because of that I couldn't go to recovery...
  3. slo_hand2

    Help trying to upgrade O/S

    I have a GalaxyS4G through T-Mobile. Model # SGH-T959V Firmware ver.2.2.1 BASEBAND VER.T959VUVKB5 Kernal # Build# FROYO.VUVKB5 I called Samsung and they said I could upgrade to Gingerbread 2.3 The reason I need to upgrade is because although 4Glte is available in my area I am only...
  4. I

    How do I install / update

    I downloaded the zip file and tried to install it but I keeps show an error. What am I doing wrong.
  5. A

    Root screen goes black after s logo, tried odin

    Formatted the internal while in a custom rom, now i cant flash any roms and odin wont work, data wiped error shows, only the unbrickable rom works please help!
  6. A

    Root please help, cwm format internal sd stuck in bootloop

    I was in cwm and i formatted the internal sd i thought it was the external, after that it only boots to cwm, then afer i flashed back to stock with odin it would shutoff at the boot img s so it doesnt fully boot up. What should i do, when i flash other roms it still doesnt work, i also cant...
  7. A

    Help Issues with phone

    I'm posting this as I didn't want to reopen an old thread. But I have a old Samsung Vibrant phone that has been having constant issues. One being that it cuts off randomly and the other is when I turn it on after it's been on the charger, often times being 80%, it goes to about 4 or 5% with the...
  8. G

    Galaxy Vibrant turning off, rebooting with low batt.

    Ok. I searched, read the FAQ, and even the recommended threads, and none of them are exactly like my problem, so.... I have a Galaxy Vibrant. I ordered a new battery for it, and the battery is higher capacity. But here is the problem: It occasionally reboots, especially when in my pocket...
  9. S

    retrieve data from my Samsung vibrant t959

    Hi I have the samsung vibrant SGH-T959 I cracked the screen and I cant use the touch screen to access pics, ect....I have replaced the lcd and digitizer. The phone powers on and lights up on the bottom and thats it. I did not have kies installed prior to damaging the screen can anyone help me...
  10. C

    Help Typing issue.

    I have had this problem for a while now and looked everywhere for a fix for it. Sometimes when I use my texting app on my phone (most of the time) the text wont show up. I need to wait about 10 or so seconds then my typing will suddenly start showing up. Its like typing was disabled for a while...
  11. A

    Will not start past splash screen

    Need help getting my phone to start. I've had it forever and never had any problems with it other than it's been getting slower and slower on me. I never installed anything special on it just stuff from play store and even then not a whole lot because of how slow it's been getting but the other...
  12. D

    Help Wrong rom, dont access download mode

    Hi, i "installed" a I9000 rom on galaxy vibrant, and this happened, starts in recovery mod but i cant chose the option reboot because galaxy vibrant dont have "ok" button and i cant put the download mode for odin recovery cuz the "ok" button. how can i enter in download mode for odin? i want...
  13. D

    T-mobile Samsung Vibrant un-lock issues

    I have Samsung Vibrant SGH-T959 for almost 18 months. I have received unlock code from t-mobile and it is not working. They escalated internally (that is what they claim) and unable to fix the issues. They tried to blame manufacturer. I contacted Samsung. Apparently Samsung has nothing to do...
  14. U

    Help Volume key and ear piece

    Hello, I rooted my SGH-T959D and installed the supernexus as per the instruction in URL http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2224289 But the volume keys function has been reversed and also there is no sound in the ear piece, but the speaker phone is working. Initially the...
  15. SuaveGato

    Please help non-tech old person with 2 year old S-L-O-W SGH-T959

    can anyone please help me with my phone? Been doing some reading and I'm a novice so I don't understand most of these terms, etc.? (and I'm old, lol) I have 2 year old Vibrant SGH-T959. I don’t even really use it a lot except for a browser, phone & text but it has just been getting slower...
  16. MikZ

    Root AOKP used to work but is now stuck on splash screen

    G'day peeps, A couple of months ago I flashed AOKP for the first time. After some stuffing around I got it to work and have happily used my not-clunky-anymore Samsung Vibrant (a US mobile company's rebranding of the original Galaxy S) since... until this week. Now, when I boot, it gets stuck...
  17. AlexRayquaza

    Root Soft Bricked

    Hey guys, my vibrant doesn't boot past the Samsung logo. The only way I can get to the home screen ui is by flashing the unbrickable froyo. But even then it stays on for 15 seconds,then freezes and reboots. But if I try any other rom, it stays at the samsung logo. Ive tried all Odin methods. The...
  18. S

    Help How can I make default my custom rom

    I noticed after I did a factory reset to trouble shoot phone, my internal memory went down to about 126/w4$# free space. And when I restored my custome rom, it took up more space leaving 263 of space. I would like to know if there's away I can make my custom rom my default?
  19. B

    my galaxy s vibrant says ' no firmware ' when I select the software update in the settings menu but

    my galaxy s vibrant says ' no firmware ' when I select the software update in the settings menu but says '2.1 update 1' under firmware version in the 'About phone' tab. I cant even use some apps because it says i need a older version :/ Can someone please help.
  20. B

    Root need help rooting my galaxy s vibrant 2.1

    I have a galaxy s vibrant and I want to root it anybody have any links I'm running 2.1 anything better then 2.1 is better I would be so thankful and last time I tried rooting my phone when I downloaded the file to the phone sd card it said it failed that there wasn't and files any help?
  21. W

    Help Can't get rid of Google contacts

    So I gave my Vibrant to my mother and I was helping her set up some stuff and apps using my gmail accounts. Apparently, that also added my Google contacts along with her contacts. The thing is... those Google contacts only show up in the "Contacts" page which you can access when you go to...
  22. P

    Samsung Galaxy S2 CDMA unlock

    hi people. i have got myself a samsung galaxy s2 - model number - SGH-S959G can some one please help me to unlock this? the carrier is TracFone im leaving the country tmrw morning and need this unlocked so i can use it in the country im going to. any, and all the help is appreciated.
  23. R

    Root Phone not starting

    My phone is not restarting. I am using a Samsung Vibrant T959. I really love the phone since it a gift from my sister and I hope i can fix it. It had no issues, with a stock 2.1 firmware, but last month I installed ICS on my phone after which I started receiving me errors.I guess the ICS...
  24. S

    Issues Updating Firmware from Android 2.1

    I purchased a used Samsung Vibrant a few months ago (IMEI checked, all good) and finally have gotten time in my schedule to update it and convert it to a phone I can use while travelling. I've registered it, rooted it, and unlocked it (all confirmed/double-checked). But my problem lies in...
  25. D

    Help Can't connect to wifi

    I have the Samsung Vibrant but don't use it as my phone but as a media player. I must be connected to wifi to play games and other functions. After coming home from a restaurant where I had connected there, and now it will not connect to my home wifi. It recognizes it is there but won't...