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How to Make Music Player "Simpler"

so not to long ago i bought my first android device...a samsung galaxy s2 and im loving it! in the past i had a 3rd gen itouch and the iphone 4, but wanted to try something new, something with more features and customization, so i came to android and im not switching back!

i love everything about my new phone except one thing...im having a hard time setting up my music on my phone how i want it. im the type of person that has to have it organized and where i want it. for example you can type in title, artist, genre, etc into iTunes and it will automatically put the music onto your apple device just as it reads on the computer. currently with my galaxy i have a class 4 32gb sd card that i put music onto by simply dragging and dropping the card in a music folder. when i opened it for the first time, i had songs with titles like "???????" and "artist-title" rather then just having title and an artist.

so basically my question is, how do i make my music experience easier...kinda like itunes? (yes i know...i hate that im mentioning apple too)

ive looked online and in the market for some different apps and i downloaded samsung kies onto my computer, which seems to be a lot like itunes. so if i edit my music on kies to how i want will it load to my phone with the organized info? or is there an app that will hook up with itunes even with my android device?

thanks everyone in advance for the responses! Im new at this, but at least i thought i would give it a shot and see what happens!


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