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how to make playlists using physical files?


Mar 9, 2021

I'm kind of at my wit's end with this problem; I've gone to so many places to try to find a solution.

I recently got a Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, intending to upgrade from the samsung Galaxy S5. I LIKE it, but there's one big snag, I have horrible problems making playlists from sound files in the device's music folder.

Windows PC: I can easily transfer the files onto the phone. It's making the playlist for my files that's the problem. These are specialty spoken word recordings that I make myself and get from other hobbyists, so a music streaming site wouldn't be of much use.

What's happening: With the S5, I could click on the .pla playlist in question within the music folder, a primitive yet useful editor would pop up and I'd be able to easily send as many files as I want up to the top of the playlist, so I can reorder it from there.

The Note 20 Ultra; Attempting to do the same thing. It looks like the same primitive editor, but it's .m3u, not .pla. I tried dragging a .pla file into the phone, but it wouldn't let me. At first, I'd be able to make fresh .m3us from my PC, but they'd quickly become 'invisible' to the pc. I.e. the editor would show nothing, although there were files listed. The music apps would be able see them. I wouldn't be able to add any more files from the pc to that playlist, or else the playlist would be truncated. I only had the phone less than a month; it started out with oneui 2.5, went to 3.0, then 3.1. Now, I can't make any fresh m3us from the PC. The editor comes up and seems to work, but the playlist file won't really save. Example, if it's 0kb it'll stay 0kb.

I'd much prefer to do it on the pc, but I could edit the playlist from an app if the app would conveniently show recently added files AND I could quickly send multiple files from the bottom to the top. When the playlist is 400 items, toggling one by one isn't really an option. Player Pro DOES check the recently added box, but doesn't seem to toggle multiple files up/down at once. It's a moot point since Player Pro now seems to be a buggy, useless mess with Android 11. It constantly freezes.

I'd really like to quit lugging two phones around. Since the mp3 player is 80% of my phone use, it's kind of important to me.

I have; tried multiple USB modes with the phone (no difference), tried to make the phone's m3u playlist via external PC programs (winamp and similar) - they read the playlists, but new files don't seem to take hold.

I suspect the problem is permissions. If I could use it more like a full USB device, the problem would probably be solved.

What can I do? Is there some other workaround? I.e. having the files still on my phone, but a playlist file in the cloud?

An m3u is a glorified text file. It's rather frustrating that I'm having such problems with such an old technology. I have no such problems with m3u's on the pc.
Well, I created a short test playlist. VLC Android stubbornly refuses to show about half the playlist (Samsung music did show it all), even after I refreshed a couple of times.

It did work, though, but only if I created the playlist while the files were on my hard drive. I guess a workaround would be to temporarily create a folder, copy over the existing files onto the hard drive, create the initial playlist.

My failure was trying to create a playlist while the files were on the phone's drive. I had tried all these complicated workarounds when the simple answer was staring me right in the face.

It is rather frustrating that one has to manually refresh to show new playlists in both VLC Android and Samsung Music (unless I'm doing something wrong). Playerpro just refreshed new files and new playlists automatically. Player pro worked great on the S5, not so on the Note 20 Ultra (both the new and 'legacy' versions. It invariably freezes.

While we're at it, do you have experience with Poweramp for Android? Is it good? Some of the recent user reviews sound similar to playerpro; crashing, problems, etc.

It is refreshing that the Note 20 Ultra can actually be used now. It was only about halfway useful without a functioning mp3 player.
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What are the best audio apps for mp3s? Something that's stable on Android 11... With all due respect to steiny (thank you for fixing the problem!), I just never really cared for the Android VLC interface (although it doesn't seem to crash on Android 11, unlike PlayerPro). PlayerPro had a feature which I loved; when a file was in now playing, there would be a little information shortcut; one could zoom to others of the same artist, etc. Really handy when there are other files of that series buried within the very long playlist. But like I said, PP currently is a buggy mess for me and many other people.

I'd like something that can conveniently change the order of the playlists on the fly and preferably find the playlist itself.

I don't really get why one would have to manually import the playlist in Samsung Music. The onboard Samsung player on Android 4.4.2 found it automatically. I do like that one can get to the playlist via the lock screen.

Samsung music is 'good enough' if I have to use that.
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