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How to Password Protect Data Connection?

CM Security and Applock or just the Applock app can do it. When you get to your list of apps. Scroll down the list. Look for Phone settings. Move the slider to the right. Now you have locked it. Turn your data on or off. It doesn't matter. They can't touch it unless you move the slider back to unlock it.You create a pattern lock or numerical lock. The person can not touch your data or any apps. Make sure you move the slider the slider to the right of anything you want locked. You can even lock the phone when it rings. Put your password in and only you can unlock it to answer it. You can lock your contacts, Google Play Store from kids downloading games and making unknown purchases on your account. settings, photos and all your apps from prying eyes. Look for it in Google Play Store. P.S. keep your password and pattern in a safe place! Hope this helps...
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