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How to protect from fraud when buying from this forum?


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Mar 18, 2010
I'm looking to buy a new phone for my wife (I have a Droid Incredible) and I think I would prefer to buy here instead of eBay because people on this forum probably take better care of their phones, and also have some idea what they are talking about when I ask questions about it.

My concern is that buying from a random user on a forum seems less secure than buying on eBay from somebody with a decent feedback rating.

If I were to buy on this forum, how can I protect myself from fraud? Any thoughts from people who have done it before?

Paypal is the safest way by far without meeting them in person, even though Id be wary of that also. Or any service that will allow you, like the earlier poster shared, use a credit card. Never send a Money order or Western Union money, any that ask that I would be real leery about. Never give out any personal information. I realize alot of this is common sense stuff, but I work in this area for a living.

Also make sure you follow all rules of the service you use, like only shipping to the address listed and get a tracking number and proof of a signature.

Hope this helps.
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I just got my eris from a poster on this forum a couple weeks ago. I was a little worried about my protection if I got scammed so I used PayPal and had that connected to my Credit Card. If something went wrong and PayPal wasn't helpful I knew my credit card would look out for me (the benefits of a quality card). You just gotta have a bit of trust and if you protect yourself like I did, you should have nothing to worry about. And by the way, it was an excellent exchange and I wouldn't hesitate to come here first to purchase another phone. You'll probably overpay on eBay as posters here are more willing to give another android fan a good deal.
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