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how to remove weather pic from home screen note 3


Android Question

I tried to find the answer to this in other threads but the directions I got there didn't correspond to the OS in my phone so it didn't work.

I have a Galaxy Note 3. I want my home screen to be as minimal as possible. On the home screen I have 5 icons at the bottom (phone, contact, messages, camera and apps). Those are ok. But at the top of the screen I have an animated pic showing the kind of weather I have at the moment. On that pic I have the date and time on the upper left corner, and the temperature on the lower right corner. I want to keep the info but I want to get rid of the animated pic. Is this doable? I looked everywhere on my phone but I can't find any settings that will remove it.

The only solution I found was to hold the weather app and drag it to "remove". The only problem is that that got rid of the time and weather info completely. Now my home screen just has the 5 icons at the bottom and I can't seem to reactivate the home screen weather app. Any suggestions?
As you have discovered, it's an all-or-nothing proposition as far as removing the weather animation. That's because the entire block is a live widget. I think the closest thing to meeting your requirement (retaining the info but w/o the background animation) can be accomplished by replacing the default widget with Transparent clock & weather.
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