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How to replace the default Google account with one of the other Google accounts on Android 10 phone


Aug 14, 2022
I searched the web for this and from all I found the instructions if I understand correctly, are that the first Google account I create on the phone becomes the default and to change that I have remove all my Google accounts by going to 'Settings' then 'Google' then ' >' then 'Manage accounts on this device' then select each account and choose 'Remove account' and finally add the desired default account.
But I would like to know what happens if I remove only my default Google account from my phone when I have multiple accounts? I guess Google have to use one of the other accounts as default but which one?

Also when I go to 'Settings' then 'Google' then '>' Google shows a list of all Google accounts with the default account on top of the list separated with a line from the other accounts. There, if I press on any of the other accounts, I'm sent back to the previous screen 'Google' and the chosen account is now displayed on the place of the default account. This looks as if I'm replacing the default account with one of the other accounts just like that but I can't find anywhere on the web if that's actually what it is.

I will greatly appreciate your help with this


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