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How to restore from Google 1 full backup?


Dec 31, 2013
I have a Samsung Galaxy S9+ phone with Android 10, One UI 2.5. I also have a Macbook Pro with OSX 11.6.2, Big Sur. I cannot get Smart Switch or Android File Transfer to work on this version of OSX. So I bought extra space on Google One, and successfully backed up my phone there. So I now have 51 apps, all my SMS messages, call history and all device settings successfully (I hope) backed up. But if my phone gets lost or crashes, or if I accidentally delete some vital information, I can't see any way to restore from that backup. I have looked all over the place in the Google 1 app, and also looked on line, and there seems to be nowhere that I can click to restore anything. Please help! Thanks in advance, Richard
Keep in mind that Google One is just allowing you more online storage capacity, it is not a comprehensive back up service. So you've got more room to store data online, but it's not an backup/restore solution. Also, the backup/restore option buried in the Settings menu is a bit of a misleading misnomer on Google's part -- it refers to Google apps and services so setting and config changes for Google apps and things get auto-backed up but other non-Google data and files are still you're responsibility to archive.
Just how did you backup 'all' your S9 Plus? If you're not able to get Samsung's Smart Switch installed on your Macbook Pro, doing so would require you to root your device to be able to manually copy all those files/data/apps you indicated, and that would also require a rooted device to be able to then manually restore all those same files/data/apps accordingly. Typically some kind of backup/restore app or online service is involved. You could use the Smart Switch app on your phone to back up to another mobile device that also has the Smart Switch app installed but since you indicated you're using your laptop, again what app/service did you use to actually do the backup? Typically you use the same app/process to do backups and a restore when necessary.
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