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Root How to root different firmware version


Dec 26, 2012
Hi there, this is the first time I've rooted a phone, I'm basically fed up with having a phone that doesn't have any space on it but won't let me get rid of the crap that came pre-installed on it.
I've looked for information and come across this guide for rooting:
a guide at androidauthority.com (can't post the link as this is my first post).
Seems all well and good, does anyone have any comments or do these instructions seem safe enough? My big problem is knowing which procedure to follow as I don't know what firmware I'm using. If I go to Settings>About Phone there is a "Build number" category. Is this the same as Firmware version? The number is 4.0.2.C.0.5 which doesn't match either of the numbers in the guide, so I'm stuck at the first hurdle! Help please! :eek:


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