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Root How to root TMV for n00bz.

Hey guys,

First post on here so go easy on me :). I'm relatively new to android modding, so I'm hoping some one can help me out here! I've had a few issues with my T mobile vivacity (Well, Nothing but Issues should i say..) SO I've just upgraded to a htc desire, and am hoping to keep the Vivacity as a spare/project/test dummy.

The problem I'm having, is that i wouldn't even know where to start as far as rooting goes. I've spent alot of time searching, and the main problem I'm having is that links have all expired, and downloads won't work on old threads. I'va tried superoneclick, but it gets stuck at stage 7 each and every time :(.

So far I've backed up everything on my Laptop, and have done a factory reset. It's fully charger, i have a data cable and an sd card reader at the ready so if anyone could give me a step by step (Read: Morons guide) to rooting it, I would be eternally grateful.

Thanks in advance,

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Hi there,

I followed that thread thoroughly and it seems to have worked, sort of! Firstly i installed the clockwork mod and flashed the stock San Francisco II roms and kernels, rebooted and that worked fine. I then installed a FNC rom, which I'm guessing was incompatible with my phone, as the menu/home/back/search buttons didn't work (Guessing i installed a rom meant for a phone with physical buttons, doh..) Then I installed CyanogenMod 9, but like a moron forgot to write down my mac adress, and now can't access wifi :(

I've read that my mac adress doesn't need to be the same as before i flashed it, as long as it's unique however, i've got now idea how to change it :( It just says it's unavailable when i go to settings.

I must sound like such an idiot haha >_<!

Thank you very much for your help, if it wasn't for my own stupidity I'd probably be sorted by now!

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Just a quick update;

Read online that one way to get your mac adress back, is to download ES file explorer from the market, grant it root permission and write date permissions and then Etc>nv_4330b1.txt and then go down to #macaddr (Which is supposedly my mac address..) And then underneath next to Macaddr (Which originally showed as 11:22:33:44:55:66) and change it what is shown on #maccaddr.

So i did all of that, and now my wifi won't even turn on, it just shows 'turning wifi on' and keeps doing that indefinetly, which is annoying.

I also read that it should be very similar to my blue tooth address, normally being only one character different so i tried this too, and still nothing.

When i go into ETC on es explorer, theirs 2 nv_xxx.txt files, would i need to change both of these or just the one?

Any suggestions at all?

Thanks in advance guys, really appreciate the help.

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Please could someone tell me if it is possible to root t- mobile vivacity? I only want to root so that I can remove stock apps and other simple things, I do not want to unlock or install custom rom.
All that I have read online seems to give instructions for unlocking, rooting and installing custom rom All in one go.
I have tried super one click and other automated rooting program's with no luck.
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Hello and welcome to the forums Paul - thanks for joining! :)

Have you had a look at the link in my post above? It actually says

If you wish to use the STOCK firmware after you unlock your device, Follow section 3 using the files below.

there are then 2 different files... one for the Vivacity and one for the Orange SF2.

Hope that helps :)
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