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How To How to Screen Record


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Jul 5, 2012
There are multiple ways to record the Screen on your Galaxy S20 Ultra and we'll discuss and explain them all here, starting with the most popular method.

How to record the Galaxy S20 Ultra Screen:
  1. Open Quick Settings by swiping down from the top of your screen twice (or you can swipe down with two fingers)
  2. Swipe to left and tap "Screen recorder"
  3. Select if you'd like to record with "No Sound", "Media sounds", or "Media sounds and mic"
  4. Tap "Start Recording"
Your recording will begin after a 3 second countdown. When you stop the recording (square button) your video will be saved to the Gallery app.

Screen Recording Tools
Once the recording begins you'll see a toolbar at the top right which provides these additional options:
  • Arrow icon: shows current duration of your recording
  • Pencil icon: allows you to draw on top of the screen
    • You can tap the color bubble to change your drawing color
    • The left arrow will "Undo" and the right arrow will "Redo" your changes
  • User Avatar: adds a bubble that records using the front facing camera
    • This is ideal for recording yourself talking while screen recording
    • The small bubble on your screen can be moved around my long-pressing and dragging
  • Square Button: Stop your recording
Advanced Screen Recording Options
To access even more options for the Galaxy S20 Ultra built-in screen recorder you can open "Quick Settings" again and press and hold on the "Screen recorder" quick toggle. You'll have the following advanced options:
  • Sound
    • No sound
    • Media sounds
    • Media sounds and mic
  • Video quality
    • 1080p (default)
    • 720p
    • 480p
  • Selfie video size:
    • Small
    • Kinda small
    • Medium
    • Kinda large
    • Large
It's important to note that Screen recorder will have access to all of the information that's visible on your screen or played from your phone while recording. This includes information such as passwords, payment details, photos, messages, and audio that you play. So be careful with what you record, where you save it, and who you share it with!

Best Screen Recording Apps for Android
You can also record your screen by using Android Apps from the Google Play Store that may provide additional options and functionality not found in the built-in Screen recorder for the Galaxy S20 Ultra. Our favorite happens to be AZ Screen Recorder.
Hardly anyone does that anymore[/USER].

Actually, you'd be surprised how many people search for things like "How To Screen Record", "How To Record Screen", "How To Video My Screen", etc... directly in regard to devices like the Galaxy S20. It's a frequently asked question, more typically by beginning users.

It's the same reason you find "How To Take A Screenshot" articles even on the biggest of Android Blogs- people search for it because they don't know how to do it! Sometimes beginners, sometimes people coming from the iPhone, sometimes people just need a refresh.
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Wow, I didn't know I could actually record the screen of my phone with so many options (especially this one: Media sounds/Media sounds and mic). I thought that I can do something like that only if I record my pc screen. By the way, I used to do that when I was playing csgo with my buddies and posting these videos on youtube. If someone wants to find out how to do that on pc read the info on this site.
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